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Postdoctoral Fellowships at the University of Wisconsin-Madison at Ruth Litovsky's lab

Announcing two new post-doctoral researcher positions in the areas of binaural hearing, auditory development and bilateral cochlear implants. Positions are funded by grants from the NIH-NIDCD, in the laboratory of Ruth Litovsky (Binaural Hearing and Speech Lab, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; www.waisman.wisc.edu/bhl).

The positions are suited for either a recent PhD graduate or a senior research associate, with a background in either communication disorders, psychology, physiology or biomedical engineering. Candidates that can demonstrate experience with psychoacoustic research methods, proficiency in basic signal processing techniques, and experience with MATLAB programming will be given greater consideration.


We study adults and children who either have normal hearing, or use bilateral cochlear implants. We are particularly interested in (a) Mechanisms underlying binaural sensitivity with electrical stimulation; (b) Development of the binaural auditory system; (c) Non-auditory factors such as attention, cognition and memory that may account for performance. In normal hearing listeners, studies are aimed at investigating the basic auditory mechanisms related to listening in complex acoustic environments, and how degraded auditory input affects performance.


A range of techniques is employed in the lab, including psychophysical measures using direct electrical stimulation with research processors, free-field experiments with clinical processors that assess sound localization and speech-in-noise understanding, eye tracking to assess processing time and pupillometry to assess listening effort, and cognitive measures.


Our lab provides an interactive and highly collaborative work environment for researchers and students, both from within and outside the University. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a distinguished history of research in hearing science, language and speech processing. Our lab offers unique opportunities for research collaborations through the Waisman Center, Departments of Communicative Disorders, Psychology, Physiology, Anatomy, Surgery/ENT, Biomedical Engineering, and others; as well as the Neuroscience Training Program and Neuroengineering Training Program.


To apply, please submit a short cover letter stating research interests and related experience, with a CV and three contacts for references to Ruth Litovsky, litovsky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.