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Researcher position in multisensory perception at IRBA (France)

Dear list,

please find below a job offer from the multisensory colleagues of the lab.

Please distribute this to people who might be interested.




Job offer – Researcher – at French Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute (IRBA), Essonne, France (closing date: April 4th)


The French Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute (IRBA) offers from October 1st, 2016 a Researcher position in the field of Human Factors, within the department ACSO (Action & Cognition in Operational Situation). The successful applicant will lead research projects in the field of the multisensory perception of extra-personal space from a cognitive psychology and neurosciences perspective.


The projects aim at clarifying mechanisms underlying the interactions between the spatial information coming from vestibular and somatosensory systems with the spatial information coming from visual and auditory pathways. This work will contribute to develop knowledge relative to the spatial orientation in virtual and real dynamic environments.


The researcher will use specific experimental devices for the study of the vestibular and somatosensory perception (human centrifuge, rotating chair, Barany’s chair, etc. …). From the applied point of view, these researches have to participate in the preservation of the health, the safety and the performance of the military operators by producing recommendations of use of the operational devices.



Status: civilian, contract employee of the French Ministry of Defence


Degree: PhD



-   18 month minimum of post-doctoral experience

- Researches in multisensory perception, particularly implying vestibular and somatosensory aspects of self-motion perception.


Location: Brétigny-sur-Orge, Essonne, France (access RER C, 30km South of Paris) – no teleworking.



- Written application: before April 4th

- Applicants’ interviews selected by written application: until May 15th (all interviews will be done at IRBA Brétigny-sur-Orge – no distance interview)

- Applicants’ ranking and commission: May / June.

- Recruitment: October 2016


Applying: send a CV, two recommendation letters, a list of relevant publications, and a formal letter of application outlining your interests and qualifications to the head of the perception team Dr Justin Plantier justin.plantier@xxxxxxx and to the head of the lab Pr Françoise Darses francoise.darses@xxxxxxx


For administrative information (in French): Bureau des ressources humaines – 01 78 65 14 77


For scientific information: justin.plantier@xxxxxxx


The recruitment process is opened to researchers of European Union. French speaking is highly recommended but not mandatory.