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5th EyesWeb Week -- call for participation

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Gualtiero Volpe


5th EyesWeb Week                             
Casa Paganini – InfoMus Research Centre, DIBRIS, University of Genoa
Piazza Santa Maria in Passione 34, 16123 Genova, Italy
6-10 June 2016

The EyesWeb Week is an intensive tutorial aiming at sharing with participants the experience of the Casa Paganini – InfoMus Research Centre in the EyesWeb project. The main focus is on the EyesWeb XMI open software platform (freely available at www.casapaganini.org) for scientific and technological research and development of innovative multimodal interfaces, systems, and applications (including distributed and mobile apps) in a growing number of fields, such as therapy and rehabilitation, independent living, artistic production, active experience of cultural heritage, and education.
EyesWeb XMI supports the development of computational models and real-time analysis of non-verbal human behavior, with a particular focus on full-body multimodal interaction and communication, expressive gesture, and social signals. 
The EyesWeb Week aims at providing scientists, engineers, psychologists, therapists, musicians, dancers, artists, and other professionals with the opportunity to master and explore in detail the EyesWeb project and open software platform. The program encompasses lectures, hands-on, and special sessions on selected topics. Special sessions will include, for example, a session on real-time synchronized multimodal recordings, i.e., how to record synchronized audio, video, motion capture, using the 13-cameras Qualisys motion capture system available at Casa Paganini; one or more sessions introducing current research projects at Casa Paganini – InfoMus; a session where participants can discuss their projects with the EyesWeb platform. A track for developers and computer scientists interested e.g., in multimodal tracking, real-time applications, and development of third-parties EyesWeb modules using the EyesWeb SDK and the C++ programming language will be activated as well, if enough requests for it will be received.

A particular focus will be on the on-going H2020 EU-ICT Projects Casa Paganini – InfoMus participates in:
-  DANCE, investigating how affective and relational qualities of body movement can be expressed, represented, and analyzed by the auditory channel. DANCE develops techniques for sensory substitution in blind as well as non blind people, to enable perception of and participation in non-verbal, artistic whole-body experiences.
-  WhoLoDancE, aiming at both researching and innovating contemporary learning theories of embodied cognition and dance education, building on advances on neuroscience, pedagogical and learning theories, educational psychology together with new technologies in artificial intelligence, HCI, and knowledge management.
- TELMI, studying how we learn musical instruments from a pedagogical and scientific perspective and creating new interactive, assistive, self-learning, augmented-feedback, and social-aware systems complementary to traditional teaching. The focus is on violin as a case study.

Venue: The 5th EyesWeb Week will be held at Casa Paganini (www.casapaganini.org), located in the ancient complex of the ex-monastery Santa Maria delle Grazie La Nuova, a fascinating monumental building of the 14th century in the heart of the historical center of Genova, premise of the Casa Paganini – InfoMus Research Centre, DIBRIS, University of Genoa.

Registration: Participation is free. Participants need to provide themselves for their travel and accommodation. Registration is mandatory. Participants must send to sax@xxxxxxxxxxx within 16 May (i) a short CV, (ii) a description of their personal interest, motivation, and activity related to EyesWeb, and (iii) their level of knowledge of EyesWeb. Please specify whether you would be interested in the possible track on software development in EyesWeb. In case the maximum number of participants is reached, a selection will be performed based on the submitted information.

EyesWeb Week Staff: Antonio Camurri, Gualtiero Volpe, Paolo Alborno, Corrado Canepa, Paolo Coletta, Simone Ghisio, Ksenia Kolykhalova, Maurizio Mancini, Alberto Massari, Radek Newiadomski, Stefano Piana, Roberto Sagoleo.