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[AUDITORY] Please join our discussion on “Research and Teaching T ools for MATLAB” at the upcoming ARO meeting



Please join us for a community discussion on “Research and Teaching Tools for MATLAB” at the upcoming ARO meeting in San Diego, hosted by Adam Bosen and myself. We will be meeting in Promenade A/B on Tuesday, February 23rd 2016 at 4:45-6:30pm. An abstract of the session is provided below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact: Adam (adam.bosen@xxxxxxxxxxxx) or myself (alan.kan@xxxxxxxx). Looking forward to seeing you there, and please bring your friends!








Many researchers and educators rely on MATLAB for a variety of tasks, but often do so in isolation or without awareness of available resources. The goal of this session is to increase awareness of MATLAB-based tools that have been developed by members of the ARO community, and to facilitate future communication and collaboration across investigators and educators. Several ARO members will present their experience using MATLAB for teaching and research. These will be followed by a panel discussion on how the ARO community can:

-        Use MATLAB more effectively for research and teaching;

-        Improving community collaboration;

-        Find available resources; and

-        Identify outstanding needs that MATLAB can address.

We encourage everyone to attend, both to learn new techniques and resources, and to also contribute your expertise to the conversation. Lisa Kempler, MATLAB Community Strategist at MathWorks, will also share best practices for research and teaching with MATLAB, including lessons from other research communities. She will be on hand to collect feedback and meet individually with participants. The outcomes of the session will be published online for dissemination within the ARO community.



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