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[AUDITORY] Postoctoral Position and two PhD positions in Auditory Systems Neuroscience in Hong Kong

One postdoctoral position and two PhD graduate studentships in auditory neuroscience are available from June 2016 in a new research group set up by Prof. Jan Schnupp at the City University of Hong Kong. Our lab will use electrophysiological and psychoacoustic techniques to study neural mechanisms of auditory perception in humans and rats. Experiments studying plastic changes in the central auditory pathway following cochlear implant stimulation are also planned.

Hong Kong is an exceptionally vibrant and exciting place to live and work.

Key techniques in our research include the digital processing of electrophysiological and acoustic signals, as well as automating the behavioral psychoacoustic testing of experimental animals. We are therefore particularly interested in candidates with a background, or at least an interest, in computer programming, computational and or statistical modelling, and perhaps a little electronics. Experience in animal handling, small animal surgery and electrophysiological recordings would also be desirable.

If you are interested, please contact jan-hk@xxxxxxxxxxx, including a CV.

Prof Jan Schnupp
University of Oxford
Dept. of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
Sherrington Building - Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PT - UK