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[AUDITORY] 4 professorships in a new 'Center for Cognitive Science' at TU Darmstadt, Germany

Dear colleagues,

my university, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany, is about to establish a
new 'Center for Cognitive Science' and seeking to recruit international
experts in that field. Currently, four professorships are announced, two of which will be placed in psychology. Two (of three) potential denominations for these positions, namely (A) 'Perception', and (B) 'Models of higher cognition (e.g. reasoning, natural language, learning, and memory)' are close to the kind of research addressed by this list. Therefore I am passing this job announcement
on to you, even though the deadline is close: Jan. 31st.

More information may be found unter the following link:


Feel free to contact me or the colleages whose addresses are given in
the ad.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Ellermeier

Wolfgang Ellermeier, Ph.D.
Institut fuer Psychologie
Technische Universitaet Darmstadt
Alexanderstr. 10
D - 64283 DARMSTADT, Germany

phone: ++49-6151-165315
E-mail: ellermeier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx