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USB sound cards

Dear list,

Along with the present discussion of Bob Carlyon's question about sound cards driving headphones with high voltage, I have another question about sound cards.

I want to calibrate the low-frequency response of a microphone in a small closed coupler driven by a small loudspeaker. Although I can do this in a laboratory setup, I would like to make a desktop routine check - i.e. with the smallest setup as possible.

A USB sound card that can drive an 8 ohm loudspeaker directly would be perfect. Some old Sound Blaster PCI cards could, but I wonder if there are newer cards that can? To be more precise, the output impedance should be much lower than 8 ohm, e.g. 1 ohm or less.

I need a decent low-frequency response, too. Preferably to DC, but at least to a few Hz.

Latency and high voltage are not issues. Low noise and low price would be nice but not necessary.

I wonder if someone has any experience and proposals?

Best regards,


Henrik Møller
Professor Emeritus
Aalborg University

Phone: +45 9940 8711
Private mobile phone: +45 4280 3950