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Re: Wireless Audio for Research

Hi!! Since my poor knwodlege just I can say you that there are not degradiation at all.  when you are using a wireless comunication you dont change the packets of the signal!! So, you receive exactly the same that you send.

Go a head, man!

Jose Garcia-Uceda
Phd Student at Donders Institute

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De: "Landsberger, David"
Fecha:06/12/2014 19:43 (GMT+01:00)
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Asunto: Wireless Audio for Research

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about wireless audio connections
for research.  We are running our spectral resolution task (SMRT;
smrt.tigerspeech.com) on a small windows 8.1 tablet.  It would be nice
for the audio to be transferred wireless to the speakers.  I am
considered about degrading the signal quality.

Any suggestions on how to do this without adding signal noise or lossy
data compression?  I understand bluetooth is not acceptable.  What
about  using airplay, miracast, or chromecast?  Has anyone had luck /
experience with these technologies for wireless PC audio streaming of
quality acceptable for psychoacoustic research?


David Landsberger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Otolaryngology
NYU School of Medicine
550 1st Avenue NBV 5E5
New York, NY 10016