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Re: Wireless Audio for Research

I would agree with Dimitris on this. My preference would be to have a separate machine wired to the audio system, and the tablet acts as a mere controller or interface, connected via WiFi. This should be possible on most platforms, using basic OSC protocol to a machine running Max or PD, or just a remote desktop interface.


If there needs to be some processing on the tablet, one approach we have used for telepresence/remote sensing is to send the audio via WiFi network to the remote machine connected to the audio hardware. We used the netsend~ project which functions well under Win and OSX in Max and PD. You can stream the raw audio, or there are compression options, which I think include flac. The code is available for modifications…


One key issue is the importance of latency in your experiment. Using the tablet as a remote controller would I think induce the lease latency, relative to these wireless audio streaming solutions.


Just my 2 cents.





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Hi David,

I don't have experience with streaming audio wirelessly. But in case you want to avoid any problems altogether you could try having a device wired to the loudspeakers outputting sound, and a remote interface (e.g. your tablet) controlling the first device.




On Sat, Dec 6, 2014 at 7:43 PM, Landsberger, David <David.Landsberger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about wireless audio connections
for research.  We are running our spectral resolution task (SMRT;
smrt.tigerspeech.com) on a small windows 8.1 tablet.  It would be nice
for the audio to be transferred wireless to the speakers.  I am
considered about degrading the signal quality.

Any suggestions on how to do this without adding signal noise or lossy
data compression?  I understand bluetooth is not acceptable.  What
about  using airplay, miracast, or chromecast?  Has anyone had luck /
experience with these technologies for wireless PC audio streaming of
quality acceptable for psychoacoustic research?


David Landsberger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Otolaryngology
NYU School of Medicine
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