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UCL Masters and PhD studentships

The University College London ESRC Doctoral Training Centre invites applications for studentships in language sciences (e.g., speech, language and communication; experimental phonetics, linguistics and pragmatics; developmental and acquired disorders; and hearing impairments). The funding can be for three years of PhD study, or 1+3 including a masters year. 

Eligibility for these studentships normally requires three years of prior residency in the UK, but this requirement can be waived for students who are eligible for Advanced Quantitative Methods training. See ESRC guidance for all details.

Applicants must first contact a potential supervisor in the departments of Developmental Science, Language and Communication, Linguistics, or Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences.

Once a potential supervisor has been identified, students must apply for admission to the PhD in the relevant department. Applications must be complete (including references) by 16 January 2015. Please also email Richard Jardine, r.jardine@xxxxxxxxx, to indicate your interest in this studentship.