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Summary of responses - JND for tactile frequency

Dear list,

Many thanks to all who replied to my query regarding JND for tactile frequency.  A summary of responses is below.


Ani Patel


Original query (Oct 23, 2014), from Aniruddh Patel (a.patel@xxxxxxxxx) --------------------------

Can anyone point me to papers which quantify the JND for frequency of silent vibrotactile stimulation?    Ideally the data would show JND as a function of frequency over a range of tactile stimulation frequencies.


From Sebastian Merchel sebastian.merchel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ------------------------------------------

You can find a review of tactile JNDFs at various body sites (e.g., finger, forearm, whole body) in the following paper:

Merchel, S., Altinsoy, M.E. & Stamm, M. (2011). Just Noticeable Frequency Differences for Whole-Body Vibrations, in Proceedings of Internoise 2011, Osaka, Japan.

I just uploaded my PhD here: http://www.sebastianmerchel.de/publications.html (first publication from top). It contains a chapter with an extensive comparison between the auditory and tactile modality.

From Charlotte Reed cmreed@xxxxxxx ------------------------------------------------------------

Attached is a pdf that contains a relevant plot on this topic, taken from [page 3 and 4 of a] chapter in a book called “Tactile Aids for the Hearing Impaired.”  Edited by I. R. Summers, Whurr Publishers, London, 1992.  The chapter was written by R. T. Verrillo and G. A. Gescheider and is Chapter 1, Perception via the sense of touch.

The most relevant article to your inquiry is that of Goff (1967) for sinewave stimulation presented to the finger.

That reference is Goff (1967).  Differential discrimination of frequency of cutaneous mechanical vibration.  J. Experimental Psychol. 74, 294-299.

From Ken Grant ken.w.grant@xxxxxxxxx ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Rothenberg, M., Verrillo, R. T., Zahorian, S. A., Brachman, M. L., & Bolanowski Jr, S. J. (1977). Vibrotactile frequency for encoding a speech parameter.The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America62(4), 1003-1012.

BensmaÏa, S., Hollins, M., & Yau, J. (2005). Vibrotactile intensity and frequency information in the Pacinian system: A psychophysical model.Perception & psychophysics,67(5), 828-841.

Franzén, O., & Nordmark, J. (1975). Vibrotactile frequency discrimination. Perception & Psychophysics17(5), 480-484. 

>From Stefan Bleeck bleeck@xxxxxxxxx ----------------------------------------------------------------

The defining textbook answering all your questions (and several more) is the "Handbook of Human Vibration" by my estimated colleague Mike Griffin. 


The correct answer to your question (frequency jnd) depends on several factors (frequency, amplitude, which part of the body you are measuring, which probe, whole body vibration vs fingertip, sitting, standing, lying, etc)

From Brian FG Katz brian.katz@xxxxxxxx ------------------------------------------------------------------

We have done some recent studies in tactile sensitivity. These references may be relevant for your work:

L. Picinali, C. Feakes, D. A. Mauro, and B. Katz, “Spectral discrimination thresholds comparing audio and haptics for complex stimuli,” in International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design (HAID 2012), HAID 2012, (Lund, Sweden), pp. 131–140, C. Magnusson, D. Szymczak, and S. Brewster, 23/08 au 24/08 2012, (doi:10.1007/978-3-642-32796-4_14).

L. Picinali, C. Feakes, D. Mauro, and B. F. Katz, “Tone-2 tones discrimination task comparing audio and haptics,” in IEEE International Symposium on Haptic Audio-Visual Environments and Games, (Munich), pp. 19–24, 8/10 au 9/10 2012, (doi:10.1109/HAVE.2012.6374432).

L. Picinali and B. Katz, “Spectral discrimination thresholds comparing audio and haptics,” in Proc. Haptic and Auditory Interaction Design Workshop, vol. II, (Copenhagen), pp. 1–2, Sept 2010.

From Frank Russo russo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ----------------------------------------------------------------------

H Pongrac, “Vibrotactile perception: examining the coding vibrations and the just noticeable difference under various conditions,” Multimedia System 13, 297 (2007).


D A Mahns, N M Perkins, V S Sahai, L Robinson, and M J Rowe, “Vibrotactile frequency discrimination in human hairy skin,” Journal of Neurophysiology 95, 1442-1450 (2006).


G Goff, “Differential discrimination of frequency of cutaneous mechanical vibration,” Journal of Experimental Psychology 74, 294 (1967).


We once started collecting some data like this in my lab using complex tones between C2 and C6 (~ 60 to 1000 Hz).


Branje, C. J., Maksimowski, M., Karam, M., Fels, D. I., & Russo, F. A. (2010). Vibrotactile display of music on the human back. Proceedings of the International Conferences on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions, pp. 154-159, Saint Maarten, Antilles.



From Majorie Grantham marjorie.a.grantham.mil@xxxxxxxx -------------------------------------------------------------------------


Dr. Kim Myles and Ms. Mary Binseel published the attached. Not sure that it is widely available, but it is available for public release. [Please email Colonel Grantham directly for a copy]


End of responses -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------