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In Pursuit of Silence

Hello Everyone,

A colleague is working on wrapping up a documentary on noise/silence.  If this is a topic you are passionate about, please consider contributing to their kickstarter campaign (linked below) and/or forwarding to anyone who may be interested.  
INCE/USA announced yesterday that they are sponsoring this film.

Kind Regards,


IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE is a meditative film about our relationship with sound and the impact of noise that will be released globally. The award-winning Los Angeles-based filmmakers are currently in the final stages of production, and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to finish the film. The funding will allow them to complete the last few production trips and move deep into the editing process towards a final cut of the film. This unique crowdfunding campaign includes a range of exclusive rewards for backers to engage with silence and sound, including 30 minutes in the quietest place on earth, dining at a silent meal (to be featured in the film!), a custom made “Silence Kit”, pre-orders for the completed film, limited edition prints, and more. All funds raised will help the film to serve a catalyst for a global movement towards a better sounding world. The campaign ends
November 7, 2014. See a short video and more details about the project at http://kck.st/1vnGOxz.