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Re: JND for tactile frequency

Dear Ani,


We have done some recent studies in tactile sensitivity. These references may be relevant for your work:


L. Picinali, C. Feakes, D. A. Mauro, and B. Katz, “Spectral discrimination thresholds comparing audio and haptics for complex stimuli,” in International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design (HAID 2012), HAID 2012, (Lund, Sweden), pp. 131–140, C. Magnusson, D. Szymczak, and S. Brewster, 23/08 au 24/08 2012, (doi:10.1007/978-3-642-32796-4_14).


L. Picinali, C. Feakes, D. Mauro, and B. F. Katz, “Tone-2 tones discrimination task comparing audio and haptics,” in IEEE International Symposium on Haptic Audio-Visual Environments and Games, (Munich), pp. 19–24, 8/10 au 9/10 2012, (doi:10.1109/HAVE.2012.6374432).


L. Picinali and B. Katz, “Spectral discrimination thresholds comparing audio and haptics,” in Proc. Haptic and Auditory Interaction Design Workshop, vol. II, (Copenhagen), pp. 1–2, Sept 2010.


-Brian FG Katz


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Dear list,


Can anyone point me to papers which quantify the JND for frequency of silent vibrotactile stimulation?    Ideally the data would show JND as a function of frequency over a range of tactile stimulation frequencies.


Ani Patel



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