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Re: request for dataset

Hi Alexander,

I already emailed Shabih about the following new dataset,
but I just realized I should've also sent it out to the rest of the Auditory list. You might be interested in adding it to the list on your website as well.

It's called MedleyDB: http://medleydb.weebly.com/
I think it just got released this month.

MedleyDB contains 122 songs of diverse genres, each with all their
separated tracks (i.e. separate instruments and voices) available.
And it's all under a Creative Commons license. So if you
wanted to create a classifier that could detect a certain instrument,
or if you wanted to check the capacity of your classifier to detect
a specific kind of music, this is a great dataset to use.

Best wishes,

On 2014-10-16 14:21, alexander lerch wrote:
Dear Shabih,

you can find a list of music datasets on my website here:

However, I don't remember seeing one containing broadcast streams, so I
am not sure how much help that can be.


On 2014-10-15 11:04, Syed Shabih Hasan wrote:
Dear All

I am working on creating a classifier that can identify live speech,
music, media sounds (tv, radio etc). Can someone, please, point me to publicly available datasets of audio that are also annotated with the
proper labels?

Best Regards

*Syed Shabih Hasan*
Graduate Student in CS
University of Iowa