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Re: request for dataset

Dear Shabih,

you can find a list of music datasets on my website here:

However, I don't remember seeing one containing broadcast streams, so I
am not sure how much help that can be.


On 2014-10-15 11:04, Syed Shabih Hasan wrote:
> Dear All
> I am working on creating a classifier that can identify live speech,
> music, media sounds (tv, radio etc). Can someone, please, point me to
> publicly available datasets of audio that are also annotated with the
> proper labels?
> Best Regards
> Shabih
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> *Syed Shabih Hasan*
> Graduate Student in CS
> University of Iowa
> http://shabih.hasan.net

Alexander Lerch

Assistant Professor, GT Center for Music Technology
Research Ambassador, DAAD