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Job announcement: Product manager position at Neurelec / Oticon Medical cochlear implants

Dear all,

We are very pleased to announce another opened position at Neurelec/Oticon Medical Cochlear implants. We are indeed looking for a product manager in charge of implantable parts. This position is very marketing oriented.

Job description attached.


Please send your applications to Pernille Ronn Klinker perr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


All the best





Best regards

Dan Gnansia, PhD

Clinical and scientific research director


Direct: +33 4 93 95 18 18

Mobile: +33 6 98 58 25 62




Oticon Medical/Neurelec

2720 Chemin St Bernard

FR-06224 Vallauris Cedex, France

Phone: +33 4 93 95 18 18








Attachment: Product Manager cochlear implant Oticon Medical Neurelec .pdf
Description: Product Manager cochlear implant Oticon Medical Neurelec .pdf