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Re: Python from Matlab

Having many years of commercial DSP software experience and experience
with mathematical modeling and simulation, although I have the highest
respect and regard for those who have a different way of doing things and
who have developed software in Python, I regret that my post must present
a dissenting point of view.

While I respect that there are persons who wish to develop code in Python,
I do not concur with the idea of abandoning Matlab or switching from
Matlab to Python.

I worked with Python after years of experience with C and Matlab.  There
were numerical bugs in Python and the lack of strong types as in C made
code more difficult to develop and debug.  Visual Studio is a much more
reliable platform to develop code in a low level language and Matlab is
faster and more reliable for implementing algorithms on a general purpose

When I worked with Python I attempted to participate in a user group
online and encountered a great deal of arrogance and outright insulting
behavior and condescension from the pretty much exclusively male group,
which led me to become further alienated from it.

It is possible to put together algorithms within a half hour in Matlab
that would take considerably longer in Python.

In my professional consulting work I refuse to work in Python as the
client will get more work completed per hour of expense remaining with
Matlab.  I will not go near any job that requires Python programming and
will recommend against it to any client.

Linda Seltzer