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Re: Python from Matlab

What was your feeling about the relative performance of matlab vs python, computationally?

On 08/23/2014 03:38 PM, Etienne Gaudrain wrote:
Hi Alain,

The few times I had to do that, I actually programmed everything in
Python using mlabwrap, and called the script with a system command from

Another option seem to be using JPython, the Java implementation of
Python, which can be fully integrated in Matlab's Java interface, but I
must admit I have no clue how (and I hear that not all libraries are
implemented in JPython).

Otherwise, it looks like someone wrote a client/server interface:
Haven't tried it though.

Good luck!

On 22/08/2014 23:30, Alain de Cheveigne wrote:
[To list members not interested in Matlab, etc.: apologies for the annoyance.  The discussion is somewhat relevant to audition, in that modeling, experiment control, and data analysis increasingly rely on computers, and the choice of a high-quality computation environment is crucial.]
Hi Jan,

A client/server solution indeed sounds ideal.  I don't know what it involves in terms of programming effort, but I'm sure that effort would be well spent.

The ideal solution would be:
- simple to use, like calling "result=toPython('pythonFunction',arguments);"
- efficient, i.e. minimal overhead for data transfer,
- reliable, system-independent, and future-proof,
- secure.

Several people mentioned calling Python via a shell command, passing values by file, etc.   I'm concerned that these solutions might involve greater overhead, more complex syntax, possibly greater system dependencies, and possibly security issues.


On 22 Aug 2014, at 13:47, Jan Schnupp <jan.schnupp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Or you could
python and matlab work together on some sort of client/server model.
That would be more elegant - the matlab and python parts then wouldn't
even have to be on the same machine, but the programming investment is
very large. I don't know of any developments to make this sort of
stuff easier that are even on the distant horizon. If other list
members know of any I would be interested to hear about them.