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Re: Creative Sound Blaster sound card

Well not quite anything, perhaps Brian!
I recently had to ditch a Creative RM820 5.1 box because it was far too noisy.

But then, perhaps we're talking about a different class of devices here.


On 19.08.2014, at 14:32, Brian FG Katz <brian.katz@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

For years we have relied on the RME series of audio interfaces. These are
very high quality, very stable controlled latency over multiple channels,
and easily operable on Win and Mac.

I would highly recommend anything they make.

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Dear all,

Creative have discontinued the Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD sound card,
which I understand is widely used for studies requiring sound delivery with
high temporal precision. Creative say that there is no natural successor to
this sound card, but have pointed me to the Sound Blaster Z series
(http://us.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-z); has anybody used
this sound card and could perhaps provide some advice on its temporal
characteristics and fidelity (regardless of all the signal processing
software that it comes with and which is not really wanted for delivering
experimental stimuli)?

If the Sound Blaster Z series is not the way to go, what would people
recommend to use instead?



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