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PhD positions at University of Genova, Italy

[Apologies for cross-postings] 

The PhD Program in Computer Science and Systems Engineering at the University of Genova (http://phd.dibris.unige.it/csse/) is opening new PhD positions.
The application to the PhD program will be opened on June 20, 2014. Deadline: 30 august 2014

The program includes topics related to Human-Computer Interaction, Multimodal Systems, and Sound and Music Computing. In particular:
- Computational models and analysis techniques of multimodal non-verbal communication and entrainment in small groups of people, with a focus on music ensembles;
- Non-verbal multimodal expressive gesture analysis and modeling in music and/or dance performance;
- Multimodal systems grounded on the EyesWeb research platform for active experience of audiovisual cultural content.

Selected applicants will work as student members of the research staff of Casa Paganini – InfoMus, DIBRIS, University of Genoa (www.casapaganini.org), 
and will be involved in activities in international research projects.

More information:
For further information, please contact
Antonio Camurri, antonio.camurri@xxxxxxxx
Gualtiero Volpe, gualtiero.volpe@xxxxxxxx