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Jonathan Laudanski

Dear list,

Jonathan Laudanski passed away last Sunday, in an accident. He was 30 years old.

He was a fantastic scientist, and a wonderful friend. It is hard to believe that someone so much alive, positive, brilliant and passionate like him is now away for ever. I will be sorely missed, and I’ll do my best to continue his work and bring his ideas to reality.


I received many messages from our hearing community fellows to express sorrow or to share a moment spent with him.

In order to gather them all, please use the address forjonathanlaudanski@xxxxxxxxx


Funerals are planned for Saturday, I’ll collect all messages and print them in a booklet for his family.

So if you have crossed his path, spent time with him, or just read or reviewed one of his paper and want to share something, please use this address (before Saturday).


Pass this message to any relevant person.


In sorrow,


Dan Gnansia




Best regards

Dan Gnansia, PhD

Clinical and scientific research director


Direct: +33 4 93 95 18 18

Mobile: +33 6 98 58 25 62




Oticon Medical/Neurelec

2720 Chemin St Bernard

FR-06224 Vallauris Cedex, France

Phone: +33 4 93 95 18 18








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