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job posting: Head of Audiology Research Dept, Starkey Hearing Technologies

Seeking Starkey’s next Head of Audiology Research

Do you direct a team of experienced AuD and PhD research audiologists to develop and drive a global audiology research strategy, present research results and represent your company at meetings around the world? 

Do you publish research and thought pieces in both peer-reviewed and trade journals, collaborate with leading university researchers worldwide, help develop some of the most cutting-edge technologies and clinical tools that will change the hearing aid industry and improve millions of people’s lives forever? 

If not, would you like to?

Starkey Hearing Technologies is looking for the perfect candidate to head its Audiology Research Department. The Audiology Research Department leads audiological research initiatives and closely collaborates with 3 other departments in the 50-person Research Division to develop the evidence of benefit for innovative technologies. Ten different advanced laboratories are available for the many experiments that the Audiology Research team conducts.

What we need: 
Starkey Hearing Technologies is looking for a leader in audiology research to head its Audiology Research Department, a team of a dozen dedicated research audiologists located in Minnesota and California. 

You Will: 
  •  Work closely with the heads of other departments and the VP of Research to set research strategies.  
  •  Develop and execute a variety of innovation initiatives.
  •  Ensure that research at Starkey is effectively driving value and benefit to dispensing audiologists and the patients that they serve.
  •  Engagingly present compelling research concepts and results in a variety of venues:  from a room full of executives on project updates, to 400 R&D colleagues on your research vision, to 240 international researchers at Lake Tahoe on your latest results, to 3400 customers on stage in Las Vegas on the future of the field.
You are: 
  • An internationally known leading researcher in the field of Audiology with years of experience training and leading other audiology researchers. 
  • An insightful and inspiring presenter that can speak informatively to a variety of audiences.
  • An inspiring leader to your team, who you guide in their projects and develop their careers. 
  • Someone who embraces innovation and is excited by challenging new ideas. “That’s not going to work” is not in your vocabulary and you are not afraid to fail. 
  • Someone who likes to see results and get things done with efficiency and effectiveness: learn fast, learn early, and learn often. 
  • Someone who enjoys working on simultaneous challenges at once. 
  • Someone who doesn’t live for paperwork, but gets it done.
This position is located in idyllic Eden Prairie, Minnesota near the thriving metropolis of Minneapolis.
Send your applications to brent_edwards@xxxxxxxxxxx