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Re: Excessive requests for papers

Dear Giuseppe,

Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I just wanted to say that this email covered everything that I was going to put in a similar email (sans the last item about leaving the list.. :)..). I feel this is a wonderful medium we have and we should use it fully with no censoring, and let people exchange ideas, papers, criticism and anything else related to auditory topics.

Deniz Baskent

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Subject: Re: [AUDITORY] Excessive requests for papers

Dear List:

please allow me a few very short considerations. I apologize in advance.

1. I do not feel “bombarded” at all by paper requests;

2. I believe that this topic (paper requests) has been discussed in the past, and it has been decided that it is ok to ask for papers;

3. There might be a certain number of us living in places or working for universities where it can be objectively hard to readily get papers, even if these papers can be deemed “regularly available” by others who maybe live in richer parts of the world or work for wealthier universities;

4. One of the purposes of a list like this one should be to provide scientists with the ability to access information and data from multiple sources (papers included);

5. I personally feel VERY uncomfortable when someone intervenes to censor (maybe arbitrarily?) other Colleagues.

6. I know this is not important at all, but should this happen again, I would have no other choice but leaving the list right away.

Best regards, Giuseppe Buzzanca Pd.D., M.D.

2014-04-03 10:25 GMT+02:00 Brian FG Katz <brian.katz@xxxxxxxx>:
Dear Auditory List,

I would like to return to a point of discussion which was made some years ago regarding paper requests.

It is acknowledged that some research articles, due to their age or presence in an obscure hard to find conference proceedings, are difficult to get your hands on, and a request for help in finding them is not inappropriate, especially after some effort have been made by the requester to search various libraries.

It is not however appropriate to ask the list for copies of *regularly available* articles, especially from those associated with a university where the articles can easily be obtained through basic library services (albeit sometime with some fee to the lab), and *especially* for an article with a clearly identifiable DOI!

The Auditory list is not a replacement for your activities as a researcher to actually research information.

Please refrain from bombarding all our emails with such requests until you have made a real effort to find the article in question.


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Objet : [AUDITORY] Request for paper

Dear list,

I'm looking for this paper:

J. Verschuure and P.P.G van Benthem (1992). "Effect of Hearing Aids on Speech Perception in Noisy Situations"
International Journal of Audiology, Vol. 31, No. 4 , Pages 205-221 (doi:10.3109/00206099209081656)

Anyone have a copy of this?
Thank you very much!

Patricia Pérez González
Laboratorio de Audición Computacional y Psicoacústica (Lab. 2)
Instituto de Neurociencias de Castilla y León
Universidad de Salamanca,
C/ Pintor Fernando Gallego nº 1
37007 Salamanca, Spain.

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