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Frequency dependecy of sound localization

Dear all, 

As all of you may know, human sound localization is a quite complex procedure and highly dependent on the ITD, ILD, spectral cues and others. All these cues are encoded in HRTF. Many previous studies have shown that for horizontal sound localization, ITD play a important role in the low frequencies and ILD is dominant cue in the high frequencies; for vertical sound localization, spectral cues in the high frequencies are normally important. Thess are already known knowledge. 

>From the previous research results, I beleive that different frequencies should contribute differently to horizontal and vertical sound localization. Furthermore, I am now wondering how we can quantify this difference, that is, is there a quantitative way to describe the different contribution of different frequencies to sound localization. (As you may know, in speech perception field, the band-importance functions quantify the contribution of different frequencies to speech intelligibility). I am also looking for the frequency/band-imporance functions which describe the contribution of different frequencies to human sound localization. 

Does anyone know some work on this research to recommend or some ideas to share?

I would like to appreciate any discussions and references very much.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,