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4th Auditory Gordon Research Conference

Dear colleagues:

We’d like to bring to your attention the 4th Auditory Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and companion Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) to be held in July 2014 at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. The conference is a unique opportunity to interact closely with a select group of scientists from all career stages and auditory-related fields.  Speakers will address the broad theme of Encoding Hearing: From Genes to Behavior from many angles – see the program at: http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2014&program=auditory

Conference dates: July 13-18; Application deadline June 15, 2014; maximum 150 participants.  Poster abstracts are invited; some will be chosen for talks.

Preceding the main conference is the Gordon Research Seminar, a short meeting of posters and talks by investigators in doctoral and postdoctoral training, plus a keynote lecture (Mirna Mustapha, Stanford) and a career mentoring session.   

Seminar dates:  July 12-13; Application deadline to attend June 14, 2014; deadline for abstract submissions to be considered for talks April 12, 2014; maximum 50 participants.  Travel and meeting support are available for some participants. 

Please forward this email to your colleagues. A poster is attached with additional details. 

Best regards,

Ruth Anne Eatock (GRC chair) eatock@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Stephen Lomber (GRC Vice chair) steve.lomber@xxxxxxx

Sean Slee (GRS chair) slee@xxxxxxxx

Catherine Weisz (GRS Vice chair) pitt.edu

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