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Re: Seeking citation for multiple conditions interleaved adaptive tracks.

Leek, M. R., Hanna, T. E., & Marshall, L. (1991). An interleaved tracking procedure to monitor unstable psychometric functions. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 90, 1385.

I hope this helps,

I am conducting an experiment in which we are testing the thresholds for
7 different conditions using a 3 down 1 up adaptive track procedure. In
order to account for slow changes in attention or fatigue, we randomly
interleave all seven condition's adaptive tracks. Every seven trials the
conditions are reshuffled, and all conditions are tested again.

I have anecdotally been told this is a common procedure in single neuron
recording as the conditions of the neurons will drift over time.

I was hoping someone might know of a citation for this method of cycling
through randomly interleaved conditions to account for slow changes in
the subject's attention or fatigue.

Dean Pospisil
Research Assistant UW I-Labs