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Announcing a new book on modern techniques in Auditory Cortex

Dear colleagues, 

if your New Year Resolution involved catching up on recently developed techniques to analyze cortical data, consider acquiring the book, 
"Handbook of Modern Techniques in Auditory Cortex", 
D.A.Depireux & M.Elhilali, eds.

It can be acquired via Amazon at
or directly from the publisher at

A host of new broadband methods have recently been developed in the study and modelling of the auditory pathway. These methods have allowed us to better understand how complex sounds are encoded along the auditory pathway in a noise-robust fashion, and the resulting cortical models have been used in a variety of problems, such speech recognition, speaker identification and noise reduction with great success. These techniques were developed and refined over the last 20 years, and as a result, the published literature offers a scattered, sometimes seemingly contradictory, account. This book is the first to present, in a single volume, the different broadband methods, their different philosophies, their relative advantages and disadvantages, and a methodology that will help the would-be-practitioner get started, navigate the literature, and chose the method most appropriate to her needs.

Thank you, 

                            Didier Depireux & Mounya Elhilali

Didier A Depireux                depireux@xxxxxxxxx
Inst. for Systems Research    http://theearlab.org
School of Engineering           Ph: 410-925-6546
U Md College Park MD 20742 USA
Adjunct, BioEngineering