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Job posting - Director of Eriksholm Research Centre

Dear colleagues,

I am going to move âsidewaysâ into a position as Senior Scientist within Oticon. Therefore Oticon is looking for a new person to fill the post I currently have as Director of Eriksholm Research Centre.


See text of job advert below or visit





Graham Naylor



Research Senior Director for Eriksholm Research Centre

Eriksholm Research Centre is part of Oticon, a world leader in hearing solutions. In close collaboration with leading academic research institutions, clinicians and end-users worldwide Eriksholm is committed to making audiological discoveries with the potential to significantly enhance end-user benefits in future hearing care.

Are you well acquainted within the area of audiology and capable of keeping a commercial focus while at the same time leading and facilitating your researchersâ venture into new, unknown areas?

Then you might be the right person to take up the exciting challenge and lead the way for Eriksholm Research Centre near Copenhagen, Denmark.

Defining Research and Managing the Centre

As Research Senior Director it will be your main responsibility to help adjust and sharpen the profile and vision of Eriksholm together with Oticonâs Vice President of R&D Finn MÃhring to whom you will be reporting.

Furthermore you ensure that all activities are aligned with the targets and overall strategies of Oticon as well as the general movements within the academic field of audiology â a field that you have the ambition to influence and further develop by means of the research of Eriksholm.

You ensure that Eriksholm lives up to its primary goal: To identify and demonstrate new opportunities for empowering people with hearing loss to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively, which in turn lays the foundation for Oticon to further develop audiological concepts and apply them in hearing solutions.

By bringing together the right experts, you help create mutually-beneficial research synergies and open up new lines of inquiry in the broader research community. You constantly strive to broaden the collaboration with academic research institutions, universities, clinicians and end-users in order for Eriksholm to be able to deliver state-of-the-art research. On a daily basis you coach and develop your employees and bring the team members together in order to share information and ideas.

You can look forward to a wide range of challenging and strategic tasks and it will be your responsibility to:

ï Define and implement the long and short term strategy for Eriksholm in alignment with existing goals and strategies in Oticon and the rest of the William Demant Group

ï Understand the objectives of Oticon and ensure that the research of Eriksholm supports and influences the overall audiological intent of Oticon and WDH

ï Participate in various academic and commercially oriented activities worldwide in order to further strengthen the network of Eriksholm as well as communicate â and promote â the research results of Eriksholm

ï Define and manage the research portfolio and set motivating goals for your employees

ï Secure operational excellence and ensure the balance of long and short term perspectives

ï Communicate the results of Eriksholm to all internal and external stakeholders

We want Eriksholm to maintain and further strengthen its position as trendsetter within audiological research and through your visionary management and focus on research leading to business applicable solutions you make sure we keep on reaching our goal.

Charisma, Visions and Management Experience

In order for you to be a success in this job you need to be extrovert and have good communication, presentation and networking skills making you a powerful, charismatic, and trustworthy leader. You know what it takes to manage highly qualified academic researchers and you respect and defend the freedom of research while at the same time keeping in mind that the research of Eriksholm is important in keeping Oticon at the forefront of technology and audiology. Preferably you have a strong professional network - both within the hearing aids business as well as within the audiological research community. People in your network listen to you and respect you, because you are visionary and often come up with new ideas and insights leading the way and inspiring professionals within your field of work. There are many ways into this position, and today you may either be managing a research facility or hold a senior position eg. Head of Department at a faculty. Here you have gained substantial research and management skills and attracting the attention â and funding â from private and public companies is always a priority for you.

You may also have worked in the hearing aid industry for some years and with the ballast of your past from academic research you are now ready to return to this field with honed business skills and the ambition to create your own top notch research facility. No matter what, we expect you to hold a masters degree or PhD within a relevant field, preferably audiology.

We make a difference

Together with skilled colleagues, you are part of a dynamic environment based on trust and openness, and you will experience a strong will to win. We are part of Oticon - a growing international company - where everybody supports the business by contributing to the customerâs experience of our products as the most attractive to work with. As Research Senior Director at Eriksholm you will be working in a bright and open workplace, where a flexible working environment, knowledge sharing and professional respect makes it both challenging and meaningful to go to work.

Want to lead the team?

Then send your application no later than January 10th 2013. To learn more about the job, please contact Finn MÃhring at. fim@xxxxxxxxxx Apply for the job at www.job.oticon.com or read more about Eriksholm Research Centre at www.eriksholm.com

Eriksholm Research Centre is part of Oticon. It is Oticon's ambition that our customers - hearing clinics throughout the world - prefer to use our products for people with impaired hearing. Oticon is among the three largest companies in the industry, and in Denmark all 1,400 employees, with passion, dedication and professional expertise, develop the most innovative hearing aids in the world. Oticon is a growing company, and 97% of Group revenues is generated outside Denmark. We are part of William Demant