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Job Opportunity – Clinical Research Direct or, Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

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Position vacancy – Clinical Research Director, Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology


Being born out of a strategic decision by top management team of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Shanghai Clinical Center, an institution under construction, is growing up speedily. SCC currently consists of 8 research centers that cover MCGaudiologynutrition, herbal drug, cancer, biosensors, and biomedical materials, where around 600 doctors and nurses provide strong supports to the clinical trials of phase I to III. As the only one research-based hospital of CAS, the mission of SCC is to translate new scientific discoveries from laboratory to clinical practice, and to bring clinical questions back to laboratory, namely bench to bedside and bedside to bench translational research.


The Medical Center for Hearing and Speech (MCHS) is a clinical research unit at the Shanghai Clinical Center, CAS, focusing on developing and translating state-of-the-art audiology and speech-language pathology techniques to clinical practice.


MCHS invites applications for the position of clinical audiology director for full time work.


The clinical director will lead a team of researchers and clinicians in the MCHS to develop clinical services, research activities, and community services in the areas of audiology, speech-language pathology, and speech, language and hearing sciences, and related areas.


Applicants should have a doctoral degree in audiology and/ or speech-language pathology, or in a related area and with at least 7 years of experience working in the field of audiology and/ or speech-language pathology after graduation. Proficiency in spoken and written Mandarin is necessary. Preference will be given to applications with clinical experience. A successful track record of research and publications is required. Competitive salary package will be offered to selected candidates commensurate with qualifications and experience.


Interested applicants are invited to submit a full CV by email: xshan@xxxxxxxxxx.

Yuan Meng, PhD
Bionic Ear and Sound Technology Laboratory (BEST-Lab)/Medical Center for Hearing and Speech
Shanghai Acoustics Laboratory
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Addr: Xu Hui Qu Xiao Mu Qiao Rd. No. 456, Shanghai, China 200032
Tel: +86 13918879961
Web: http://bestlab.shal.ac.cn