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Re: what's the difference between the voice of two people?

Hi Siping,

There's many cues. We studied two obvious that are directly related to the anatomy of the speaker: glottal-pulse rate and vocal-tract length. There's many papers on the topic from Patterson's lab (http://www.pdn.cam.ac.uk/groups/cnbh/research/publications/). One that may directly answer your question is:

Gaudrain, Etienne, S Li, VS Ban, and RD Patterson. “The Role of Glottal Pulse Rate and Vocal Tract Length in the Perception of Speaker Identity.” Interspeech 2009: 10th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association 1-5 (2009): 152–155.


On 14/11/2012 09:05, Siping Tao wrote:

hi experts,

l am curious of what's the key feature that human can identify who is talking, what's the difference between the voice signal of different speakers? pitch?

I have little knowledge about that, any papers about  this topic is really appreciated!


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