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Ph.D. studentship in CCRMA at Stanford University now opens for research in neuroscience of music

Dear list members,
Please share this with any potentially interested students.


The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), in the
Department of Music at Stanford University invites applications for the
Ph.D. in Computer-Based Music Theory and Acoustics (CBMTA).

Research at CCRMA currently addresses audio signal processing,
interactive/computational/multimodal music and media technologies, and
music cognition. CCRMA now offers an opportunity to do research in
neuroscience of music in a new laboratory with EEG, motion capture, and
audio-visual systems.

Using these facilities and in conjunction with external collaborations,
research topics may include neural activities associated with melody and
rhythm processing, musical gesture perception, brain-computer interface
for music making, and brain plasticity with music training and

The department seeks students who demonstrate substantial scholarship,
high promise of attainment, and the ability to do independent
investigation. Interested potential applicants with appropriate
qualifications are encouraged to apply.

Please contact Takako Fujioka (takako@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) for further

Application: Apply online to Stanford University.
http://studentaffairs.stanford.edu/gradadmissions. Deadline for the
submission of applications for all Music degrees is midnight December 14.

Takako Fujioka, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and
Acoustics), Department of Music, Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305-8180, USA