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Sound and music computing 2012 summer school on Product sound design, innovation and entrepreneurship - deadline for applications approaching

   The deadline to apply to the 2012 Sound and Music Summer school is tomorrow.
Please also notice that the deadline for submitting papers, posters or demos to SMC 2012 is also in few days.

More information here:
And about the conference here:


Future products will rely on our natural capabilities of continuous and physical interaction. Moreover, for the best experience in their use, they need to stimulate, but not saturate, all our senses. Our sense of hearing is quite advanced; yet only a few product developers, engineers, marketing teams, and designers know how to make use of it properly. Our mission in this summer school is to educate the future product design and development team members with a specific competence on interactive sound. The summer school follows up from the Product Sound Design Summer School 2010 (Aalto University, Design Factory, Finland) supported by the COST Action IC0601 Sonic Interaction Design.

The school will feature, among others, Andy Farnell, Cumhur Erkut and Davide Rocchesso as instructors, together with several faculty members from Aalborg University, and talks from experts in innovation and entrepreneurship from industry members.

If you are:

- enrolled in a Master or PhD program in design, computer science, media technology, engineering, or economics,

- eager to explore the potential of sound in product design and development under the guidance of expert instructors and tutors,

- interested in innovation and entrepreneurship in sound and music computing,

- excited about the inspiring, interdisciplinary, and problem-based learning environment of Aalborg University in Copenhagen,

then please consider participating to the summer school by emailing a CV, a letter of interest that clearly indicates your motivation, previous experience with interactive product sound design, and your expectations from this school, all in PDF, to Rolf Nordahl rn at create.aau.dk , and Stefania Serafin, sts at create.aau.dk,  with the text âSMC2012schoolâ included in your subject, latest by Friday March 30th, 2012.

Maximum 30 selected participants will be notified by April 16th, 2012.

The cost of attending the summer school, including lectures, training sessions, lunches and coffee breaks and inspirational talks from company representatives is 200â. The school offers 5ECTS of credits.