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Re: Roots of the term "gammatone"


I absolutely agree with your conclusion.


"Richard F. Lyon" schrieb:
> Tamas,
> I recounted some of those mis-attributions in
> http://dicklyon.com/tech/Hearing/APGF_Lyon_1996.pdf
> and concluded:
>   Aertsen and Johannesma [AJ80] appear to have coined the catchy name;
>   referring to the envelope, they said:
>     The form m(t) appears both as the integrand in the definition
>     of the Gamma function $\Gamma(g)$ and as the density function
>     of the Gamma distribution, therefore we propose to use ... the
>     term "Gamma-tone" or "$\gamma$-tone."
>     ... The non-hyphenated "gammatone," as an adjective modifying
>     "filter," appears to be due to Patterson et al. [P88].
> Dick
> At 10:05 AM +0200 3/28/12, Tamas Harczos wrote:
>>Dear List,
>>I am looking for the first time use of the term "gammatone". Flanagan
>>('65), Johannesma and de Boer ('72,'75) did not use that term. Patterson
>>et al. write in their '88 APU report "An efficient auditory filterbank
>>based on the gammatone function" that "Johannesma (1972) used this
>>function to summarize revcor data, although he did not refer to it as
>>the gammatone function, and the function was not fitted to revcor data.
>>The name appears to have been adopted by de Boer and de Jongh (1978)".
>>However, I am not able to find the term "gammatone" in the de Boer and
>>de Jongh paper "On cochlear encoding: Potentialities and limitations of
>>the reverse-correlation technique" JASA 63(1), 1978.
>>Any ideas?
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