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Re: Modeling noise levels due to traffic patterns

Hi Ben,

We have thought about modeling the effects of a single building, and how the reflections from that building would affect the overall sound level.

I think you should take into account the spectral information. You can search for the Harmonoise models or the CNOSSOS project. (http://sicaweb.cedex.es/docs/documentos/CNOSSOS-JRCdraft.pdf)

Also, we intend to model the occurrence of individual vehicles (perhaps using a poisson process?)

We currently use a Poisson process model, but, you should not forget that this approach is not very realistic because a Poisson process stands for no-related events and obviously the time of occurrence of a car passby is related to many factors on the nexts and previous cars. More sophisticated models are available such as microsimulation traffic models that you can also buy implemented as dedicated software.

I think this links can talk by themselves:
"The influence of traffic flow dynamics on urban soundscapes" from Decoensel et al. Applied Acoustics 66 (2005) pp. 175–194
Hope it helps.

Best regards,

Ernesto Accolti
CONICET PhD Fellow at
Acoustics and Electroacoustics Laboratory
National University of Rosario