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Re: software too...

Speaking of auditory software...

Various frameworks and toolboxes include cochlear models that I had something to do with, including in AIM-C, AIM-MAT, and Marsyas, as well as older ones like Slaney's Auditory Toolbox. But I'm not so happy with any of those models, and for the last year or so have been working with Tom Walters and others on a new open-source cochlear model project, evolved from those, but cleaner and more efficient, with mono/stereo/multichannel capability. We could use another volunteer or two to help finish it up.

In 2010 we had a regional workshop about auditory tools and frameworks, and found there was a sort of "rift" between those who like to build and use frameworks, and those who prefer simpler library-level bits of code that they can incorporate into their systems. We'd like to support both. So our project will be an open-source library of simple code, with equivalent Matlab, C++, and Python versions, and we'll help anyone who wants to make wrappers to connect those into their favorite frameworks and toolboxes.

The model we're doing is partially described in my recent (and only ever) JASA article: http://asadl.org/jasa/resource/1/jasman/v130/i6/p3893_s1 "Cascades of two-pole--two-zero asymmetric resonators are good models of peripheral auditory function" (I can provide a copy on request). But the details of how the model is turned into an efficient real-time sound analyzer aren't in there.

If you'd like to help, either to finish up implementations and tests in Matlab, C++, or Python--or some other language of your choice--or to wrap it into one of the other systems, let me know. The code project sits as a subproject of http://code.google.com/p/aimc/ for now, but we'll probably separate it out soon.


At 9:45 AM +0000 3/9/12, Etienne Gaudrain wrote:
There's a repository of auditory models and other stuff here :


or more exactly there :



On 09/03/2012 08:01, Lowel O'Mard wrote:
There is also the the development system for auditory modelling: DSAM: http://dsam.org.uk

It is a computer library allows contains many established auditory models to be used via a simple scripting interface. The library supports most sound file formats, threaded parallel processing and also contains many useful analysis and utility functions. There is a java interface which can be used on most versions of Matlab (which support Java) and a simple application which can be used on all platforms, executable installations existing for Windows and Linux.

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On 8 March 2012 21:17, Ray Goldsworthy <raygold@xxxxxxxx <mailto:raygold@xxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    It was also suggested that we bring together open-source toolboxes
    for hearing research.  I think this is a great idea.  Here are the
    ones I know of:

    APEX :
    MLP : http://www.psy.unipd.it/~grassi/mlp.html
    Percept : http://www.sens.com/percept/
    Psycon and miscellaneous tools: http://auditorypro.com/download
    PsySound3 : http://psysound.wikidot.com/

    please let me know if you have other general software utilities
    developed in your labs that you make available for research use
    and I will try to summarize....Ray

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