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materials for hearing research

Dear list,

Many requests to this list are for auditory materials for hearing tests, whether it be for speech, music, or environmental sound materials.  There was a recent request for sentence materials, and I was disappointed that there was no summary concerning all of those who responded.  I think it would be a great service if we could bring together links and/or downloads to audio materials that are available for research purposes.  I would be happy to work on this myself, but imagine that others have already made great progress towards this goal.

I ask the list to send me information regarding materials that they know are available for research purposes.  I am familiar with the speech materials collected at the House Research Institute, music samples recorded at the Iowa Electronic Music Studios, and environmental sound databases brought together by Shafiro and Gygi.  But there are obviously many others used across institutions and I have no idea just how many databases exist.  If members of the list send me links to materials that they know of, I would be happy to summarize the replies.

thank you, Ray

Ray Goldsworthy
Research Scientist
Sensimetrics Corporation