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AIRS Postdoc Opportunity - Research on Singing

Dear all,

Please bring the following postdoctoral opportunity to the attention of
potential candidates interested in research in singing. 
Thank you,

Annabel  Cohen


A unique postdoctoral position in research on singing is available
through the AIRS (Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing) Major
Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI) funded by the Social Sciences
and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). As a multinational,
multi-institutional research collaboration, AIRS focuses on three themes
related to singing: development, education, and well-being.

For detailed information and forms see the web-site: 
http://www.airsplace.ca   Student opportunities (top menu)

The Fellow will spend 100% of his or her time pursuing research on one
or more of the project themes 
(1) acquisition of singing in a cultural context; 
(2) teaching of singing and the use of singing to teach; 
(3) the role of singing in well-being broadly defined to include
health, intergenerational understanding and cross-cultural
understanding, as described in the AIRS Milestone Document. 

The Fellowship will be held at the home institution of an AIRS
Co-investigator who has agreed to serve as supervisor. Opportunity for
both independent and collaborative research will be provided as long as
the objective of the research is to further the achievement of the AIRS
milestones with which the supervisor is involved. The position also
entails contributing to the AIRS digital repository, dissemination of
findings, and involvement with meetings of the collaboration. This
position is for 12 months with a starting date as early as May 2012 and
as late as September, 2012. Depending on academic background, and
arrangements with the host University, opportunity to teach a
one-semester course related to the expertise of the Fellow is possible.
Qualifications: Ph. D. in psychology (developmental, neuroscience,
cognitive science, counselling), music (ethnomusicology, musicology,
computer music, choral music, music education, music therapy), computer
science, sociology, anthropology, religious studies, folklore or other
field related to singing research. Peer reviewed publications. 
Additional: ability or interest in singing (solo or choir).
Eligibility: Citizens of any country but those without Canadian
citizenship may hold the Fellowship only at a Canadian university.
Passing the Ph. D. oral defence with a submitted final copy of the
thesis is required prior to taking up the position.
Application procedure: Prospective candidates should approach one of
the AIRS Co-investigators in regard to possible supervision. Names of
potential supervisors are posted on the AIRS website. Having secured a
supervisor, the form for the application is to be submitted along with
the names of three referees (who will be contacted only with the
candidate's knowledge). The supervisor must also complete a form
confirming interest and support of the application.
Selection will be based on record of scholarly achievement (not
necessarily research on singing), evidence of promise to contribute to
the AIRS research milestones on singing research as indicated by the
candidate's research plan in conjunction with the supervisor's letter,
potential synergies with the host and other AIRS members, letters of
reference (upon request), and support from the potential host.
Submissions should be submitted electronically to rdwyer@xxxxxxx, (Ross
Dwyer, AIRS Administrative Assistant).
 For further information contact Annabel J. Cohen, AIRS Project
Director, 902-628-4325; fax: 902- 628-4359; e-mail: acohen@xxxxxxxx