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Music Induced Hearing Disorders

Dear List,

I'm passing on this message on behalf of my colleague, Jörg Bitzer.

Kind regards,
Martin Hansen

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Dear all,

this is a call for paper for the 47th AES conference with a topic which
could be of interest for this list.

	Music Induced Hearing Disorders.

The deadline for paper submission has just been extended to Jan, 30th.

The topics are, but not limited to:
- Standards and Guidelines for Hearing Exposure and Hearing Protection
- Active and Passive Hearing Protection Devices
- Hearing Exposure Measurement and Control Devices
- Technologies for Monitoring and Controlling Consumer Audio Devices
- Sound Level Management for Live Sound Events
- Medical Therapies and Procedures for Hearing Exposure Protection and -
Hearing Loss Regeneration
- Electroacoustic Technologies to Prevent and Cope with Hearing
Disorders (e.g.Tinnitus)
- Electronic Devices (e.g. Hearing Aids) for Hearing Impaired Musicians
and Sound Production Engineers
- Technologies for Producing Multimedia Content for the Hearing Impaired

For more detail please visit



Thanks for your attention,
Jörg Bitzer

               Prof. Dr. Joerg Bitzer
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        Jade-University of Applied Sciences
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