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Re: periodicity

"O.T.Furnes" wrote:

> Dear list,
> Could anyone recommend litterature/research about the cognitive "measurement of time"?
> - Are there any unambiguous findings that proclaim an abstract sub-division of time in order to predict the temporal placement of an upcoming event? In other words, are there indications of a subconscious metrical grid that any sound event is analyzed by?

The whole literature on the habituation of the orienting response dealt with this. I'm not up on the latest
stuff, but E. N. Sokolov proposed what he called a "neuronal model" which was just the kind of
"subconscious grid" you seem to be thinking of. There's also Richard Held.

Held R. "Perception and its neuronal mechanisms," Cognition, 33:139-154
Sokolov, E.N. "Perception and the conditioned reflex" Waydenfeld, S. W. trans, NY: Macmillan 1963