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Re: periodicity

I'd be very interested. You could check out O'Keefe, who (I seem to
remember) talks about a 'clock' mechanism based on synchronous neural
firings, though he does so in order to discuss spatial perception, rather
than temporal perception. Sorry, I don't have the reference here, but he had
a paper in a publication by Eilan, McCarthy and Brewer; something like
"Spatial Representation".
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From: "O.T.Furnes" <oddtf@imt.uio.no>
Sent: 22 December 2000 08:15
Subject: periodicity

Dear list,

Could anyone recommend litterature/research about the cognitive "measurement
of time"?
- Are there any unambiguous findings that proclaim an abstract sub-division
of time in order to predict the temporal placement of an upcoming event? In
other words, are there indications of a subconscious metrical grid that any
sound event is analyzed by?


Torleiv Furnes

Torleiv Furnes
Department of Musicology
University of Oslo