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missing fundamental references

Dear List,

I'd like to compile a little bibliography of MEG, EEG, fMRI and PET
studies of missing fundamental pitch in normal human subjects.

So far I have:

Langner et al., (1997). Frequency and periodicity are represented in
orthogonal maps in the human auditory cortex: evidence from
magnetoencephalography. J. Comp. Physiol A 181:665-676.

Pantev et al., (1989). Tonotopic organization of the auditory cortex:
pitch versus frequency representation.  Science 246:486-488.

Pantev at al., (1996). Binaural fusion and the representation of virtual
pitch in the human auditory cortex.  Hearing Research 100:164-170.

Winkler et al., (1997). Two separate codes for missing-fundamental pitch
in the human auditory cortex.  JASA 102(2):1072-1082.

I would be grateful for futher references, and will post a summary of
responses to the list.

Ani Patel
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