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Re: holding on a minute

Okay, might be that this isn't a battle to be fought on a scientific
list like this anyway..., but just to point out that having written this
>[the auditory community's
>"willingness to cooperate and to accept this base as being
>"reliable" (no doubt) enough to (formally) being referred to"
I didn't say that this necessarily should be to "substitute for
experiment" to "which people [would] refer to as if it were a scientific
finding", but did not exclude or even devalue (rigorous) experimentation
at all (!), yet agree with you stating that
>The role of the music/production scene is to get people
>to listen to music. The role of auditory science is to figure out how
>the auditory system works.  [yet would allow of hybrid forms]
>In the first case one's subjective impressions can't
>be wrong; in the last one they can and often are.
Nor did I exclude that those demonstrations might be accompanying a(n
already) published research paper. The problem in the Internet,
presently, is the persistence of connections (links) or references that
had to be taken into account and assured in advance anyway (e.g., by
archiving on CDs to be stored in (scientific) libraries). Apart from
this, interactivity (in working processes) is a useful approach and the
possibility in doing so one of the very virtues of the web.

>I think we got past accepting the "sayings of wise men"
>in lieu of rigorous experimental investigation some time ago
Excuse me, this is but a colossal accusation (schema x : if A then not
B, with A possibly to be falsified by B ...).

Finally some heretic remark (worth an expulsion from the list ?) : the
changes are just about to happen, they do have their clear merits, yet
might be reaching Academia a little later than the rest of the world ...
(okay, just imagine a fully-reliable (interactively peer-reviewed)
entirely "electronic" version of some honorable scientific periodical --
plus auditory demonstrations accompanying the experiments given in the
Alexandra Hettergott.

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