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Re: Audio Demos

Hi Al & list,

>Recently Dan Levitin and I applied for a grant to fund a new project that we
>had in mind.  The idea was to explore new auditory principles and phenomena
>by creating audio demonstrations that embodied them.  Our model was the
>importance of the Gestalt demonstrations in the development of principles of
>perception in vision.

We've done something a bit like this, with a small amount of European funding
from ELSNET.

These 'MAD Demos' are aimed at a lower-level audience than you propose, and some
don't concern audition at all, but there is good overlap, and the presentation
style is worth looking at. You can download from Martin Cooke's home page:


The way reviewing worked was that as part of the funding proposal we undertook
to arrange peer reviews, to be fed back to authors resulting in modifications.
We weren't the only group involved & there is other software, collected for the
'Education Arena' at EUROSPEECH 99. There's a CD of that, & I'm trying to find
out if we have a mirror site.

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