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Conference Announcement - 7th ICMPC, Sydney 2002

7th International Conference on
Music Perception & Cognition

July 17-21, 2002
University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

Web: http://www.macarthur.uws.edu.au/marcs/icmpc7/

Hosted by

Australian Music & Psychology Society (AMPS)

Macarthur Auditory Research Centre Sydney (MARCS)
University of Western Sydney

School of Music & Music Education
University of New South Wales


The 7th International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition (7th
ICMPC) will be held at the University of New South Wales in Sydney,
Australia July 17-21, 2002.  7th ICMPC is the world conference on music
psychology and related disciplines.

The 2002 Sydney conference follows meetings of the music perception and
cognition research community in Kyoto, Japan (1989), Los Angeles, USA
(1992), Liège, Belgium (1994), Montréal, Canada (1996), Seoul, South Korea
(1998) and Keele, UK (2000).  7th ICMPC is sponsored jointly by the Society
for Music Perception and Cognition (USA), the Japanese Society for Music
Perception and Cognition, and the European Society for the Cognitive
Sciences of Music.  It will be hosted jointly by the Australian Music &
Psychology Society (AMPS), the Macarthur Auditory Research Centre Sydney
(MARCS) and the University of New South Wales.

The venue for the conference is the School of Music and Music Education at
the University of New South Wales (http://www.unsw.edu.au).  The conference
venue is just a short bus trip to the centre of Sydney with its beautiful
harbour, Opera House, and cultural life.  The beaches and cafes of Coogee
and Bondi are 15 minutes east of the University.

We invite you to take this opportunity to visit Australia - the smallest
continent and the largest island in the world!  Tours in and around Sydney
can be arranged during the conference and you may like to organise extra
time to travel beyond Sydney and take in the pleasures of Australia.  Head
south along the coast road and visit historical and cultural Melbourne; far
west to see the Red Centre and Uluru; due north to experience tropical
Queensland, our spectacular rainforests, and the Great Barrier Reef.
Although July is mid-winter for us, it is an ideal time to travel to the
centre or far north areas of the country.  Winter in Sydney averages a cool
but pleasant 16 deg. C (day) to 8 deg. C (night).

The conference is organised from the Macarthur Auditory Research Centre,
Sydney (MARCS) within the University of Western Sydney.  Further
information may be obtained from the conference chair Kate Stevens

Conference Streams
The focus of 7th ICMPC will be broad.  The aim is for inter-disciplinary
discussion and dissemination of new research relating to music perception
and cognition.  The conference will have relevance for University and
industry researchers and graduate students working in psychology, music,
psychophysics, music composition, performance, production, education, music
therapy, linguistics, neurophysiology, ethology, ethnomusicology,
developmental psychology, speech and language, artificial intelligence, and
computer technology.

Submission of Papers
Submissions are invited for:
1. Spoken papers   2. Poster papers   3. Demonstration papers   4. Symposia
Spoken papers will be allocated 30 minutes, consisting of 20 minutes for
presentation and 10 minutes for questions and discussion.  Full text of
papers will appear in the Proceedings of the conference.

Details of submission length and form will be available when the first call
for papers is made 12 months prior to the Sydney meeting, i.e, July 2001.
Papers can be submitted electronically.

Submissions for 7th ICMPC will be due November 15, 2001.

Spoken papers, posters, conference proceedings and publications will be in

A range of accommodation will be available to suit all budgets.  Single
room college accommodation on the campus of the University of New South
Wales will be available (approx. $60AU per night incl. breakfast).  The
Holiday Inn International Hotel at Coogee Beach is located nearby.  For
those who prefer to stay in the centre of the city, Sydney boasts many five
star hotels.  Conference delegates are asked to arrange their own
accommodation with these hotels.  Contact details of hotels will be
provided in the final call for papers to be distributed in July 2001.
Meanwhile visit these travel websites:

Tourism New South Wales:
Guide to Australia:
Sydney: The Official Guide:
Qantas airlines:
Ansett airlines:

Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia.  By air, Melbourne and
Brisbane are each an hour away.  Canberra, the capital of Australia, is
three hours drive south-west of Sydney.  The University of New South Wales
is located seven kilometres from the centre of the city of Sydney.  For
domestic and international air travel to Sydney, Kingsford Smith Airport is
the nearest airport.

Further Information
The final call for papers will be distributed via email and the world-wide
web in July 2001.  To receive the electronic call for papers in July 2001,

Dr Kate Stevens
Department of Psychology & MARCS
University of Western Sydney
PO Box 555, Campbelltown NSW 2560 Australia
Phone:  (+612) 9772 6324
Fax:  (+612) 9772 6736
Email:  kj.stevens@uws.edu.au

7th ICMPC website: http://www.macarthur.uws.edu.au/marcs/icmpc7/

7th ICMPC Organising Committee
Conference Chair: Kate Stevens, MARCS, University of Western Sydney
Deputy Chair: Gary McPherson, University of New South Wales
Deputy Chair: Denis Burnham, MARCS, University of Western Sydney
Myung-Sook Auh, University of Technology, Sydney
Ron Brooker, NSW Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney
Densil Cabrera, University of Sydney
Jane Davidson, University of Sheffield
Dorottya Fabian, University of New South Wales
John Geake, University of Melbourne
Wilfried Gruhn, Music Academy Freiburg
Phil Harris, Swinburne University of Technology
Ian Irvine, University of Newcastle
Peter Keller, MARCS, University of Western Sydney
Stephen Malloch, MARCS, University of Western Sydney
Jeff Pressing, University of Melbourne
James Renwick, University of New South Wales
Emery Schubert, University of New South Wales
Nita Temmerman, University of Wollongong
Michael Tyler, MARCS, University of Western Sydney
Robert Walker, University of New South Wales
Sarah Wilson, University of Melbourne

We hope to see you in Sydney in 2002.

Kate Stevens and the 7th ICMPC Organising Committee, Sept 2000

Dr Kate Stevens
Department of Psychology &
Macarthur Auditory Research Centre (MARCS)
University of Western Sydney, Macarthur
PO Box 555 Campbelltown NSW 2560 Australia

Phone: (+612) 9772 6324; Fax: (+612) 9772 6736
E-mail: kj.stevens@uws.edu.au
WWW:    http://www.macarthur.uws.edu.au/marcs