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Re: musical elements - conceptual correlations

You can find some of the commonly used semantic terms for all kinds
of auditory events in these works:

A recent talk given by Kidd, Gary R. and Watson, Charles S. at the fall
1999 ASA meeting in Columbus:  "Sound quality judgements of everyday
sounds".  J. Acoust. Soc. Am. vol. 106, no. 4 pt.2  pg 2267

Published reports include:

Osgood, Charles (1952) Psych. Bulletin, 49 p. 197.

Solomon, Lawrence M. (1958) Semantic Approach to the Perception of Complex
Sounds, JASA 30(5), pp 421-425

Von Bismarck, G. (1974) Timber of Steady Sounds: A Factorial Investigation
of its Verbal Attributes, Acustica 30,  146-159.

Von Bismarck, G. (1974) Sharpness of Steady Sounds: Acustica 30, 159-172.

Howard Jr., James H. & Sliverman, Eugene (1976).  A Multidimensional
Scaling Analysis of 16 Complex Sounds.  Perception & Psychophysics 19(2),

Bjork, E.A. (1985) The Perceived Quality of Natural Sounds, Acustica,
1957, 185-188.

Hope these are helpful!

Brian Gygi
Psychology Dept.
Indiana University

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Odd Torleiv Furnes wrote:

> Dear list
> I am currently working on a Ph.D degree in music. One aspect of my work
> is doing a mapping of the "musical object" - its various parameters into
> axis with max. and min. values and their conceptual correlations. I am
> looking for expressions used in daily speech; - large/small, sharp/soft,
> rough/smooth, stable/unstable, intense/relaxed, etc....(Bruce Walkers
> recent posting was very interesting)  All aspects and all degrees of
> magnification are relevant - from particular musical attributes
> "isolated" from time, to musical structures spanning over larger amounts
> of time (e.g. melody, harmonic progressions, rhythmic structures etc.).
> Is there anyone out there with knowledge of any similiar work that my
> own work may benefit from?
> Very grateful for any help!
> regards
> Torleiv Furnes
> Ph.D.student
> Department of Musicology
> University of Oslo
> Norway
> phone: +4762521667