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musical elements - conceptual correlations

Dear list

I am currently working on a Ph.D degree in music. One aspect of my work is doing a mapping of the "musical object" - its various parameters into axis with max. and min. values and their conceptual correlations. I am looking for expressions used in daily speech; - large/small, sharp/soft, rough/smooth, stable/unstable, intense/relaxed, etc....(Bruce Walkers recent posting was very interesting)
All aspects and all degrees of magnification are relevant - from particular musical attributes "isolated" from time, to musical structures spanning over larger amounts of time (e.g. melody, harmonic progressions, rhythmic structures etc.). 
Is there anyone out there with knowledge of any similiar work that my own work may benefit from?

Very grateful for any help!

Torleiv Furnes

Department of Musicology
University of Oslo
phone: +4762521667