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Re: Autocorrelation


thanks for posting the URL. I liked the demo. One thing which struck me is
that even the random pulse trains seem to have a (weak) pitch. It sounds
very much like what happens when you mix two unresolved groups of harmonics
(having harmonically unrelated F0s) in the same frequency region (Carlyon,
JASA, vol 102, p1097-1105 [1997]). In that paper I provided evidence for
another cue for temporal pitch perception, in which the average rate of
pulses in the composite waveform formed the basis for pitch judgements.
Indeed, one can successively reduce the pitch of a bandpass filtered pulse
train (whose harmonics are unresolved by the peripheral auditory system) by
deleting a greater and greater proportion of those pulses (with the deleted
pulses being selected at random)



PS I am cc'ing this to the auditory list, as I feel like a bit of blatant
self-promotion today. I must confess to not having followed all of the
previous discussion (I was just lured by the prospect of listening to your
sounds), so if my comments are not strictly relevant then I apologise
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