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Re: Melodic consonance

From: Peter Cariani <peter@epl.meei.harvard.edu>
Thank you for your interesting answer (the temporal auto-correlation
mechanism, btw, having been mentioned by Roederer (1977: 56-58, 60,
63/64, German ed.), too -- a book that I do (still) appreciate because
of its globally considering the relations between the different
My question, however, does concern the (extended) Gestalt aspect in
general, as to :
>The Gestaltists [...] argued instead for relational representations
>based on patterns (relational primitives). In this respect they have
>commonalities with the Gibsonians in looking for iconic, analog
>and the means of extracting invariances from them. For the Gestaltists,
>perceptual Gestalts were thought to be the experiential consequences of
>the global features of these neural activity patterns.
What I would be interested in is, whether or not (in your opinion) the
relational reference patterns are exclusively due to (the (coherent)
experience of) "global features" in the (physical) stimuli (and hence
the corresponding neural activity), as, e.g., it seems to be the case
for the so-called auditory memory (and (probably) proceeding from the
universalities in human voice/speech), or does there (too) exist
something like a (universal) "natural predisposition" (like the ability
for (spoken, and, apparently to a lesser necessity, written) language
acquisition in a certain age) to acquire certain patterns or
configurations (i.e., them having a certain preference), in dependence
on their being structured (e.g., a periodic signal) ? (In short, not
only a post- yet also some pre-configuration of neuronal patterns ;
e.g., arguing in the opposite direction, with vowels being harmonic for
us preferring periodic signals, sort of due to "economic" reasons ?) --
And, (hypothetically) taking the latter (i.e., a disposition) for given,
do there exist further individual (and even culturally determined)
differences in the creation/organization of those "data banks" of
reference patterns, e.g., of either qualitative or quantitative nature ?
Thank you in advance,
Alexandra Hettergott
(sorry, it has been meant to boldly been sent to the list).

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