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Re: Operational Definition of Musician


It probably depends on what sort of musical skill you're interested
in. One telling piece of research presented last year by van Egmond &
Boswijk showed that ability to identify the tonic of a brief harmonic
or melodic excerpt was independent of years of musical training. This
question probably has a lot of depth left to explore.

-Bret Aarden.

van Egmond, R., & M. Boswijk. 1999. Tonality perception in musical
excerpts and chords. Conference paper, _Society for Music Perception
and Cognition_: Chicago, IL.

Dear Group,

Though I follow the discussion of this list regularly, I have yet to make a
contribution and was not terrible sure how one does.
Thus, I send my apologies in advance if I have failed to submit this
question correctly:

Does anyone know of an established criteria by which a researcher can
separate a collection of subjects into groups of musicians and


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