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New progress report from UCL

The latest volume (number 11) of "Speech, Hearing and Language: work in
progress" is now available. This arises from the Department of Phonetics &
Linguistics, University College London, and will only be available on the
Web. I believe that a number of papers included will be of interest to
members of this list.


Contents as follows:

The perceptual magnet effect is not specific to speech prototypes: new
evidence from music categories.
Sarah BARRETT     pages 1-16

Periodicity and pitch information in simulations of cochlear implant speech
Andrew FAULKNER, Stuart ROSEN and Clare SMITH     pages 17-38

Effects of the number of channels and speech-to-noise ratio on rate of
connected discourse tracking through a simulated cochlear implant
Andrew FAULKNER, Stuart ROSEN and Lucy WILKINSON     pages 39-50

Intonation modelling in ProSynth
Jill HOUSE, Jana DANKOVICOVA, and Mark HUCKVALE     pages 51-61

Opportunities for re-convergence of engineering and cognitive science
accounts of spoken word recognition.
Mark HUCKVALE     pages 62-75

Effect of interactive visual feedback on the improvement of English
intonation of Japanese EFL learners
Masaki TANIGUCHI and Evelyn ABBERTON     pages 76-89

The intermediate phrase in central Catalan declaratives: a case for
questioning the representation of downstep
Eva ESTEBAS I VILAPLANA and John .A. MAIDMENT     pages 90-116

Overcoming phonetic interference.
John C. WELLS     pages 117-128

Pronunciation preferences in British English: a new survey
John C. WELLS     pages 129-138

Auditory filter nonlinearity in mild/moderate hearing impairment
Richard J. BAKER and Stuart ROSEN     pages 139-159

The relationship between speech and nonspeech auditory processing in
children with dyslexia
Stuart ROSEN and Eva MANGANARI   pages 160-186

Minimising boredom by maximising likelihood - an efficient estimation of
masked thresholds.
Richard J. BAKER and Stuart ROSEN   pages 187-200

Other Publications in Speech and Hearing Science: 1998 to 1999.   pages

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